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Workers’ Compensation

Wrist Tendonitis: What Is The Process for Filing Workers’ Compensation?

Girl with tendonitis holding her wrist in pain

Repetitive stress injuries such as wrist tendonitis are quite common, especially in labor-intensive professions. Tendonitis of the wrist is also an injury generally covered under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation laws. The reality is that many industries, particularly manufacturing and industry jobs, require a great deal of repetitive physical activity. These activities could result in work-related injuries that create stress on body parts that are heavily involved in completing certain job duties. As a result, filing for workers’ compensation could be a possibility depending on your scenario.   Despite its commonality, however, employers and workers' comp insurance companies might contest or deny...

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Can Workers’ Compensation Settlements be Taxable?

business man doing taxes and using calculator

Can Workers’ Compensation Settlements be Taxable? Here is a common question asked by recipients of workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey: Is workers’ compensation taxable? The answer is probably no. While there is a minor nuance to the question, both state and federal tax laws generally exempt workers’ compensation benefits from income tax calculations. This is because of the unique nature of the workers’ compensation system and the fact that workers are being "made whole" by receiving workers comp rather than generating income that would be subject to state or federal taxation.   What is Workers’ Compensation? The workers’ compensation system in New Jersey...

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How Can Workers’ Compensation Help Millennials in Today’s Age?

a group of 5 millennials standing at work

Workers' Compensation for Millennials   Millennials make up the country’s largest generation, comprised of roughly 75 million young Americans. This generation grew up in the fast-paced world of tech and have been exposed to the new-age employment opportunities offered from the proliferation of the “gig” economy. Many millennial employees have embraced this work structure because of the flexibility associated with working for a company like Uber, Lyft, Caviar, and so forth. Workers generally get to set their own schedule and work when they prefer, rather than adopting the traditional 9-to-5 model to which many other companies adhere. However, various occurrences of being...

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Do I Need an Attorney at Law for my Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Injured employee sitting across a desk from a lawyer

The workers' compensation claims process is not always straightforward and employers are not always compliant or eager to agree to pay benefits. If the situation becomes contentious and complicated, you should speak to an experienced workers' comp lawyer to discuss your legal options.   You May Not Need a Lawyer   An employee does not need a lawyer in every single instance of a workplace injury. For example, if you suffer a relatively minor injury that heals within a few days (e.g., a cut on your hand), then you probably do not need the services of a lawyer. Additionally, there are some instances in...

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What is Light Duty and What Does it Have to do with Workers’ Comp

woman with glasses sitting at desk using computer

Suffering a workplace injury can be a traumatic event that puts the injured employee in a tough position physically and financially. This is why New Jersey has a workers' compensation system. There are instances in which, despite the fact that you are injured, your doctor clears you to engage in certain types of work. The type of work that you do during this period is called "light duty."   Light Duty Work Definition   If you get injured in a workplace accident, you will need to undergo a medical examination. After this medical examination, the doctor is going to determine if you are fit...

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Can a Stroke Be Covered Under Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Nurse Assessing Stroke Victim By Raising Arms

Stroke patients are people who experience the disturbance of the blood supply to the brain caused by blockage or hemorrhage, which keeps the affected area of the brain from functioning entirely. A stroke is an unpredictable illness that can strike any person at any time, and it can cause permanent neurological damage or even be silent, thereby damaging the brain without external symptoms   What are the Main Causes of Stroke?   Stroke arises out of certain risk factors like high blood pressure, old age, high cholesterol etc. Apart from these, you can suffer from stroke if you engage in labor-intensive activities, overexertion, and...

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Can You Still Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits at a Second Job?

man holding aching back sitting in office desk chair

It is quite common to see people working two jobs in order to make ends meet. A lot of people have a full-time job and a part time job. Some others have two or more part-time jobs. If you find yourself in this situation, you might wonder whether getting an injured while at your second job will affect your right to collect workers’ compensation benefits.   The Basics of Workers’ Compensation for a Worker with Two Jobs   Generally, if you get injured at one job, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits. This applies even if you can continue working at another job.   However,...

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Can Seasonal Employees Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

shoe store employee carrying boxes

The holiday season generally brings with it numerous openings for seasonal employment. All over New Jersey, businesses need to hire seasonal workers to handle the extra workload. New Jersey also has plenty of seasonal labor to spare if you consider the students who take a break from college activities during the holidays.   If you are a seasonal worker in New Jersey, one question that might come to mind is if you are entitled to workers’ compensation just as a full-time employee would be. To answer this question simply, if you are injured on the job as a seasonal employee, you are...

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits 101: Back Injury Information

man holding back after lifting heavy boxes

Back Injuries at Work: Info on Workers Comp Benefits Year after year, different studies indicate that a back injury is one of the most common injuries incurred in the workplace. Some experts have even stated that US workers are 50% more likely to develop back injuries in the course of their lifetime. Work-related back injuries are not only bad for the worker; they are bad for employers and the United States economy in general. Back injuries result in longer absences from work compared to other kinds of work injuries – a big blow to productivity. According to the Department of Labor, back injuries affect...

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What is SIRVA and How Does it Apply to Workers’ Compensation?

man holding shoulder in pain

What is SIRVA? How Does it Apply to Workers’ Compensation?   Vaccines are utilized as a mechanism to help protect people from various diseases and illnesses that have proven resistant to conventional treatment. The way a vaccine works is that a weaker version of the disease is injected into the body. After the immune system builds up a defense to the weaker version, it will be able to withstand the infection.     However, there may be some risks to taking a vaccine. One such risk is the development of SIRVA. This is an acronym for “Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration.”   What is SIRVA?   SIRVA...

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