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Ask Craig Altman what drives him as a personal injury attorney and you will get a decisive answer: “Insurance companies are the worst rip offs of the public and someone has to protect the little guy.” This sums up Craig’s 30-year career as a personal injury lawyer during which he has devoted himself to taking on the insurance companies for the injured and defeating their delay and deny tactics.

Overview And Experience

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Bar Admissions:

Pennsylvania and New Jersey


Bucks County Bar​


American University, Widener University School of Law


Gabe v Bombardiery

Craig A. Altman

Raised in Pennsylvania, Craig graduated Widener Law school in 1986. Unlike other lawyers who are unsure of their career path, Craig set out to be a personal injury litigator. In all cases – auto accident, falls, workers’ compensation – there is an insurance company, Craig believes, whose main purpose is to pay nothing or as little as possible for the negligence that caused harm and altered an innocent person’s life.

In 1990, having earned a reputation as a fearless, hands-on, no-nonsense attorney, Craig formed his own legal practice – The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman – in downtown Philadelphia.

Craig launched his law firm with the same drive that made him a star division 1 athlete. Work hard and never give up. Losing is not an option. Craig has the knowledge and experience with personal injury cases to back up his client’s demands with the willingness to try a case in court if necessary.

Being tough with insurance companies is one part of Craig’s successful practice. Equally important is how clients are treated. “Every client’s case is unique, and every client has different needs and defines success differently” says Craig. He believes a good lawyer not only gives good advice, but also listens to their client.  This is why the amount of compensation secured is not the only measure of a successful outcome. Also considered is whether the client is happy and feels they have been well served.

Craig takes his work-life balance seriously. He travels, keeps himself in division 1 shape and most of all, focuses on local charities as a way of giving back to the community. In addition, he volunteers as an arbitrator in the Philadelphia court system. His long career and trial experience also qualified him for appointment as a Judge Pro Tem for the court. In this vital role, Craig is called up to help other lawyers and parties resolve their cases.

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