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We are not afraid to tackle the most difficult cases. In fact, we take the cases other firms reject. Our personal injury lawyers can do this because of our reputation as seasoned negotiators out of court and tenacious litigators at trial. Insurance companies know our capabilities. This makes them more inclined to offer favorable settlements.

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We have a track record of recovering maximum compensation for clients through settlements and trial verdicts. 


We listen to clients to make sure we understand their needs are met in and out of court.


We never let insurance companies use their delay and deny tactics to prevent paying you the compensation you deserve.

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Our Promise To You

We know accidents and injuries are traumatic and stressful events. Retaining a personal injury lawyer and filing a lawsuit should not add to your anxiety. We promise to be fierce advocates as well as compassionate partners in the endeavor to secure for you the best recovery. 

Insurance companies have hundreds of lawyers dedicated to preventing you from receiving compensation for your injuries. As your lawyer, we are dedicated to achieving a successful settlement or trial verdict that will make you whole. Our Verdict + Pledge is we won’t allow insurance companies to use delay and deny tactics. We get results you can bank on. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

By Your Side. On Your Side.

With the Altman Team of personal injury lawyers you have a fighter in your corner who delivers the punches your case needs to be a winner.

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