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Can a Stroke Be Covered Under Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Nurse Assessing Stroke Victim By Raising Arms

Stroke patients are people who experience the disturbance of the blood supply to the brain caused by blockage or hemorrhage, which keeps the affected area of the brain from functioning entirely. A stroke is an unpredictable illness that can strike any person at any time, and it can cause permanent neurological damage or even be silent, thereby damaging the brain without external symptoms   What are the Main Causes of Stroke?   Stroke arises out of certain risk factors like high blood pressure, old age, high cholesterol etc. Apart from these, you can suffer from stroke if you engage in labor-intensive activities, overexertion, and...

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Have You Suffered a Slip and Fall Injury? What are the Next Steps?

close up of a person's foot about to slip and fall on a banana

Slip & Fall Injuries Require Legal Help There are tons of commercials about lawyers talking about how slip and fall accidents require a personal injury lawyer to get the victim the damages they deserve. “Damages” is odd word choice, considering the damage was done to the victim, particularly head or back injuries. However, the damages refer to the things that will cost you money for you to get better. And the damages can have a domino effect, causing issues with relationships, your family and work. This attorney is trained to get evidence before it disappears and to get background information...

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Can You Still Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits at a Second Job?

man holding aching back sitting in office desk chair

It is quite common to see people working two jobs in order to make ends meet. A lot of people have a full-time job and a part time job. Some others have two or more part-time jobs. If you find yourself in this situation, you might wonder whether getting an injured while at your second job will affect your right to collect workers’ compensation benefits.   The Basics of Workers’ Compensation for a Worker with Two Jobs   Generally, if you get injured at one job, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits. This applies even if you can continue working at another job.   However,...

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Who’s Considered Liable for a Slip and Fall Injury at a Shopping Center?

inside of a mall

  When you go shopping at your favorite store, the last thing on your mind is being involved in a mishap. Doesn’t matter which store you visit, whether it’s a local grocer or a national supermarket chain, it’s the business owners responsibility to make sure that the customers who walk into the store are reasonably safe.   You might be tempted to think that it’s not so much a common occurrence. And some of you might be under the impression that these accidents happen only during big sale events like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Here are some eye-opening facts:   In the 4 year period...

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Can Seasonal Employees Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

shoe store employee carrying boxes

The holiday season generally brings with it numerous openings for seasonal employment. All over New Jersey, businesses need to hire seasonal workers to handle the extra workload. New Jersey also has plenty of seasonal labor to spare if you consider the students who take a break from college activities during the holidays.   If you are a seasonal worker in New Jersey, one question that might come to mind is if you are entitled to workers’ compensation just as a full-time employee would be. To answer this question simply, if you are injured on the job as a seasonal employee, you are...

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What Happens if There is a Wet Floor Sign Around a Slip and Fall Injury

wet floor sign next to a wet floor in a building

What Happens if There is a Wet Floor Sign Around a Slip and Fall Injury   Walking quickly without looking is something we have all done at one time or the other. If you're in a hurry, you are likely to walk without looking in any direction or engrossed in your phone. The possibility of slipping on a wet floor or a slick surface is therefore pretty common. A slip and fall injury may result in severe injuries including broken bones and profuse bleeding causing you immense pain and requiring medical intervention.   Is it possible for you to sue the owner of the...

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits 101: Back Injury Information

man holding back after lifting heavy boxes

Back Injuries at Work: Info on Workers Comp Benefits Year after year, different studies indicate that a back injury is one of the most common injuries incurred in the workplace. Some experts have even stated that US workers are 50% more likely to develop back injuries in the course of their lifetime. Work-related back injuries are not only bad for the worker; they are bad for employers and the United States economy in general. Back injuries result in longer absences from work compared to other kinds of work injuries – a big blow to productivity. According to the Department of Labor, back injuries affect...

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Your Personal Injury Claim Has Been Denied. What is the Next Step?

"personal injury claim form" written on document

You were out biking, as usual on your day off, following all the rules of the road. Suddenly, a speeding car from runs into you from behind knocks you down, and you're left with multiple injuries. Fortunately, the injuries were not that severe. Yet, it took you weeks to recuperate.   Next, armed with all documents, you file the accident claim. You were pretty sure about getting the claim without any delay as it was entirely the fault of the car driver. You get the shock of your life when you hear that your claim was denied.   What do you do then? Just...

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Car Accident Lawyer: Rights if You Are a Passenger in a Car Accident

image of phone camera taking photo of totaled car

Car Accident Lawyer: Rights if You Are a Passenger in a Car Accident   When we hire a cab, we expect a pleasant experience traveling to our destination and are confident of getting to our destination well within time. Unfortunately, in a stroke of bad luck, you may suddenly find yourself involved in a car accident and sustain several injuries.   Sure, it is going to be a trying time for you as you have to get treated for your personal injuries and have to even might have to deal with medical expenses in the process.   You were a mere passenger in the car...

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How Workers’ Compensation Law Applies to Nurses and Nurses Aides

nurses hurrying down hallway in hospital

Nurses and Workers’ Compensation Since you were little, you knew that you wanted to be a nurse. You did not want just a job; you wanted a career that is highly rewarding. As a nurse, it is your job to provide comfort to those who are suffering. Your presence in the doctor’s office, hospital room, birthing room, emergency room, and others is calming. You are the one who provides those seemingly little “extras” that go a long way in bringing a person to recovery. It is an occupation that provides both expertise and compassion. Being a nurse or a nurse’s aide, like...

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