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How Would Workers Compensation Work in Westeros?

Workers' Comp in Westeros | Game of Thrones

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die…. Or you get Workers Compensation.   Winter is here! Summers span decades. Winters can last a lifetime, and the struggle for the Iron Throne continues, as do the on the job injuries. Work-related injuries happen every day, even in Westeros. While many of our favorite characters from Game of Thrones face unfortunate deaths, some of the surviving characters suffer from different types of on the job injuries that would qualify them for workers’ compensation benefits, even if the Hand of the King didn't have a skilled workers' compensation lawyer to turn to...

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How Often Do I Receive Workers’ Compensation Checks?

Person opening envelope for compensation check.

Once a workers' compensation claim has been approved, you will start receiving workers' compensation benefits. As a law firm with experienced lawyers in the field, we are here to offer legal advice and answer as many questions people have about earning workers' compensation disability benefits. How frequently should I get a check for my workers' comp case? According to the Workers’ Compensation Act, insurance companies should pay you your workers’ compensation check consistently with your normal paycheck. Depending on how frequently you get paid will depend on how frequently you receive your workers' compensation check. Although some state laws require the premium...

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Are Part-Time and Seasonal Employees Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

craig altman are part-time and seasonal employees eligible for workers’ compensation

What Part-Time and Seasonal Employees Should Know Each year, companies prepare for the higher volume the hectic holiday season brings by hiring seasonal employees and part-time employees. In 2018, it was projected that retailers would hire a whopping 700,000+ employees, a record high since 2015. If you have been hired as a seasonal employee this year, there are a few crucial employment details you should be aware of. It’s important to know if you’re a seasonal employee, you are still covered by your employer’s workers’ comp insurance. In fact, seasonal employees and part-time employees are treated the same as full-time employees when...

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What is SIRVA and How Does it Apply to Workers’ Compensation?

man holding shoulder in pain

What is SIRVA? How Does it Apply to Workers’ Compensation? Vaccines are utilized as a mechanism to help protect people from various diseases and illnesses that have proven resistant to conventional treatment. The way a vaccine works is that a weaker version of the disease is injected into the body. After the immune response builds up a defense to the weaker version, it will be able to withstand the infection.     However, there may be some risks to taking a vaccine. One such change is the development of SIRVA. This is an acronym for “Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration.”   What is SIRVA? SIRVA...

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What are the steps to Appealing a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Cut out off person with workers' compensation umbrella and $100 bill

Navigating a workers' compensation case is quite the journey, that tends to be difficult and long. Each step takes focus and meticulous planning, and there should not be a single shortcut or mistake throughout the process! To appeal successfully, you must be sure to work with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer to guide you through the twists and turns of your case in actual time. Deadlines are strict, and if they are not adequately met then you might get lost along the way, and it could cost you in attorney fees. Often, the most frustrating part of the workers' compensation claim...

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Wrist Tendonitis: What Is The Process for Filing Workers’ Compensation?

Girl with tendonitis holding her wrist in pain

Repetitive stress injuries such as wrist tendonitis are quite common, especially in labor-intensive professions. Tendonitis of the wrist is also an injury generally covered under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation laws. The reality is that many industries, particularly manufacturing and industry jobs, require a great deal of repetitive physical activity. These activities could result in work-related injuries that create stress on body parts that are heavily involved in completing certain job duties. As a result, filing for workers’ compensation could be a possibility depending on your scenario.   Despite its commonality, however, employers and workers' comp insurance companies might contest or deny...

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How can I get a Lawyer to take my Personal Injury Case?

The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman | The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia

Guide on How to Get a Personal Injury Lawyer to Take Your Case You're frustrated, you're hurt, and you're vulnerable. Maybe you got hurt in a slip and fall. Or maybe it was an auto accident. You have medical bills piling up. You're also online and you reach out to Google for help, asking it "Find a personal injury lawyer near me." You've been injured and want to sue. But you are wondering how to get a lawyer to take your case. Follow Craig Altman's guide!   You're ready to take that first step and you're hoping the tried and true robots behind Google's algorithm will...

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Can Workers’ Compensation Settlements be Taxable?

business man doing taxes and using calculator

Can Workers’ Compensation Settlements be Taxable? Here is a common question asked by recipients of workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey: Is workers’ compensation taxable? The answer is probably no. While there is a minor nuance to the question, both state and federal tax laws generally exempt workers’ compensation benefits from income tax calculations. This is because of the unique nature of the workers’ compensation system and the fact that workers are being "made whole" by receiving workers comp rather than generating income that would be subject to state or federal taxation.   What is Workers’ Compensation? The workers’ compensation system in New Jersey...

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How to Receive Compensation of Personal Injury for Pregnancy?

pregnant woman sitting down and holding stomach

Increased Compensation for Pregnancy When you’re expecting, you are overwhelmed with the health of the baby. You’re making sure you are eating right, taking prenatal vitamins, and getting the appropriate amount of exercise. What makes the stress much, much worse is when you are in a car accident. Your primary concern is not for your health and safety, but the health and safety of your baby. Many wonder if the personal injury compensation will be greater due to the pregnancy. The answer isn’t black and white, because it depends on the injury. When injured in an auto accident or a slip...

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How Can Workers’ Compensation Help Millennials in Today’s Age?

a group of 5 millennials standing at work

Workers' Compensation for Millennials   Millennials make up the country’s largest generation, comprised of roughly 75 million young Americans. This generation grew up in the fast-paced world of tech and have been exposed to the new-age employment opportunities offered from the proliferation of the “gig” economy. Many millennial employees have embraced this work structure because of the flexibility associated with working for a company like Uber, Lyft, Caviar, and so forth. Workers generally get to set their own schedule and work when they prefer, rather than adopting the traditional 9-to-5 model to which many other companies adhere. However, various occurrences of being...

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