Why Would Your Boss Deny Your NJ or PA Workers’ Comp Claim?

Employers deny and dispute workers’ compensation claims for one reason: money. Employers pay premiums to insurance companies in order to provide mandated Workers’ Comp benefits, including medical treatment, replacement pay and maybe a cash award. When an injured employee files to receive benefits, those premium amounts go up. The premiums increase when more employees thanContinue Reading

New Jersey Towns Considering Wage Theft Ordinances

Earlier this month, Princeton became the latest town to introduce an ordinance regarding wage theft laws. The ordinance requires landscapers and contractors who wish to do business in town to acknowledge that they understand federal and state wage theft laws. Such theft, which primarily affects low income and immigrant workers, includes: not paying sufficient overtime,Continue Reading

Why Medical Misdiagnosis is So Prominent

Research conducted by HealthyGrades.com revealed that medical misdiagnosis and subsequent treatment errors make up 40 percent of reported medical errors. About 155 out of every 1,000 patients reports an adverse event involving a failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis. While they are more common than people think, misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose a condition areContinue Reading

Actor Tracy Morgan is Victim of Truck Driver Fatigue

Most of the country was rocked by the news that well-known actor and comedian, Tracy Morgan, was in critical condition after being hit by a truck driver on I-95 in New Jersey. A friend of Morgan’s, who was in the star’s limo, was unfortunately killed in the crash. While Morgan is recovering in a NJContinue Reading

Tips for Kids to Follow This Summer to Avoid Injuries

The weather is warming up, school is ending and the rush to break outside, grill and jump into pools is almost in full swing. However, with the inevitable summer month playtime comes an increased opportunity for children to suffer personal injuries. The last thing any family wants is to see the summer fun end tooContinue Reading

PA & NJ Top List of States with Highest Medical Malpractice Cases

PA & NJ Top List of States with Highest Medical Malpractice Cases Data from the National Practitioner Databank was used to compile the 2013 Medical Malpractice Payout Analysis. The Databank is an entity that logs all medically related statistics including incidents of medical malpractice and subsequent payouts. The 2013 report is based on information collectedContinue Reading

NJ Roofing Company Admits to Workers’ Comp Fraud

Charles Kelsey Pegler, Sr., former president of Roof Diagnostics, Inc., was indicted by a grand jury for third degree insurance fraud in December 2013. He pleaded guilty on April 17, 2014, and will be sentenced in June. Pegler admitted to falsifying information provided to his company’s workers’ compensation insurance provider in an effort to reduceContinue Reading

A Wisconsin Mom Finds Mold in Her Child’s Juice Box

When you think of finding mold on food products, you’re probably thinking of cheese, bread, milk, yogurt, or some sort of fresh food or produce. The last place you would think you might find mold is inside a child’s lunchbox packed today! Wisconsin mother Suzanne Hogue was appalled to see what she found inside herContinue Reading

Workers Compensation Fraud a Growing National Trend

People who claim to be to injured or sick to work, might want to learn a lesson from Cathy Cashwell, and stay away from public situations. Cashwell was receiving $3,000 per month in workers’ compensation, because of an injury she allegedly received at work, according to a CBS News report. Cashwell claimed that she wasContinue Reading

Philadelphia Slip & Fall Insurance Fraud Scheme Exposed

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced April 23, 2014, that a massive insurance fraud scheme had been uncovered in Philly and that 46 people had been arrested so far in conjunction with the investigation. Andrew Gaber, an attorney from Center City, was considered to be the leader of the fraud ring. He took his ownContinue Reading

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