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Workers’ Compensation Attorney, Trenton, NJ

Workers’ Compensation Attorney, Trenton, NJ

Have you suffered a serious injury at work? Has this injury affected your ability to return to work or do your job properly? Are your medical bills out of control and your injury makes you unable to cover those costs? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may need the help of a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer well versed in the details of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law. A qualified Workers’ Comp Attorney will ensure that injured workers do not get stuck paying their own medical expenses. A qualified Workers’ Comp Attorney will also help you recover any lost wages while you are out of work.

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Trenton Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers’ Compensation representation for injured workers in Mercer County, NJ

The NJ Workers’ Compensation system, however, is complex. It is often made more complex by employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies that contest Workers’ Compensation Claims in an effort to deny injured workers benefits.

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Workers who have been injured in an accident at work in Trenton, New Jersey, or other parts of Mercer County, can rely on The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman to be in their corner through every step of the Workers’ Compensation process. Craig and his team help those who were hurt on the job to get the compensation to which they are entitled. The expert attorneys on the Altman team provide injured workers in Trenton with the best legal service and have been doing so for years. It’s why The Law Office of Craig A. Altman is considered one of the best workers’ compensation law firms in New Jersey.


So if you have suffered an injury at work in Trenton, let the workers’ comp lawyer Craig Altman help you get the Workers’ Compensation Benefits you deserve. Contact our office today with any questions you have about your case, including anything about permanent injuries suffered at work, preexisting conditions that are made worse by a work accident, or medical care expenses related to a car accident suffered while performing your work duties. The law experts on the Altman team have the legal know how to get your workers’ comp claim handled right and you the fair compensation you deserve.


About Workers’ Compensation Court in Trenton


As stated, the way workers’ compensation claims are handled in New Jersey courts is complicated. An injured worker needs to file a Workers’ Compensation Claim. Upon filing such a claim, the case is typically assigned to the county where the worker lives. If the injured worker lives out of state, then their Workers’ Compensation case will likely be assigned to the county where the employer is located. Even if your claim ends up with a fair settlement offer, disability payments, or a lump sum payment, your Workers’ Comp benefits will still likely need to be handled through the county court.


The location of the Workers’ Compensation Court that serves Mercer County is located in Trenton:


Station Plaza 4
P.O. Box 958
Trenton, NJ 08625-0958
Phone: 609-292-2508
Fax: 609-777-1794


The key Court Personnel who work for the county are:


Regional Supervisor: Charyl Stump
Administrative Supervisory Judge: Ingrid French
Presiding Judges: Emille Cox (Recall), Ingrid French, David Puma, Dawn Shanahan



Trenton is a major city in Mercer County, New Jersey with a long history of industrial success. The Lower Trenton Toll Supported Bridge, better known as the Lower Free Bridge, is famous for the slogan “Trenton Makes, the World Takes.” Since the early 20th century Trenton was famous for being a prominent hub of the manufacturing industry.


Which means Trenton has always been powered by its workforce. The 85,000 citizens that populate this 8 square mile city, and county seat, are a constant source of community pride. The site of George Washington’s first military victory in 1776, Trenton is the state capital of New Jersey. Today, Trenton employs more than 20,000 workers in its NJ State office buildings.



Experienced Trenton Work Injury Lawyers


We are Trenton’s leading legal team! Our practice areas include:


The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman are Trenton’s premier Workers’ Compensation law firm. Trenton citizens work hard, and the legal team at Craig Altman’s law firm works even harder to protect Trenton’s workers, getting them the compensation they deserve.


We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we will not get paid unless your claim is successful. We can help you get compensation for any workplace injury. For a free consultation with an attorney at our Trenton office, contact us by email or phone at 609-557-7876. Do not delay. Our team of experienced workers’ compensation legal experts will listen to your story, go over any questions you have and give the merits of your case a free evaluation. We are here to help you and we start at the beginning of the process with a strong attorney-client relationship.



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