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Make Your Claim with New Jersey’s Best Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Make Your Claim with New Jersey’s Best Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

How Can Camden, New Jersey’s Law Offices Of Craig A. Altman Assist You?

We understand how it goes. You work hard to support your livelihood, and sometimes you obtain a personal injury by doing so. The good news is New Jersey is a no-fault state for workers’ compensation, meaning that whether or not your negligence was the cause of your work-related injury, you are not found at fault for the pain you have suffered.

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We know your workplace injury can create many setbacks in your personal life. Medical care is expensive, and it is easy for medical bills to pile up as you are expected to jump through hoops to receive the comp benefits you are entitled to. Even though New Jersey law mandates most employers to provide medical treatment and disability benefits to injured workers, the employers’ insurance companies often work to avoid covering the expenses, especially lump sums of money to compensate for personal damages. The insurance company may even neglect responsibility in cases of permanent disability or mental damage, even though injuries can pertain to developed mental issues as well.  The bottom line is employers’ insurance companies have no problem saying no to you. Which is why you need representation that will say yes.


You can start a free live chat with one of our comp lawyers today. You want a lawyer whose practice area specializes in workers compensation to ensure you have the best chance of receiving disability payments. Our law offices believe you should not be held liable for your commitment to your employer. We understand that accidents happen which is why we want to support your workers’ compensation claim. Our 24/7 availability to you allows you to handle the stress that accompanies workers’ comp claims at your convenience.


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Aside from the free evaluations we offer, we also take pride in the fact that we work on contingency. This means that there is no fee for our services unless we secure workers’ compensation for you! Once we win your case, a contingency fee of 1/3 is presented which means you are the ultimate winner, as you should be.


Where To Begin?


When you contact us, you will receive actual attorney recommendations from our law firm. Our workers’ compensation lawyers know how to listen to your claim to best accommodate your needs. They will investigate your work-related injury and your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policies. Oftentimes, employers’ insurance companies refuse to fulfill the request of workers’ comp claims. They may try to state that your injury is the result of a preexisting injury, such as an injury from an old car accident. Or they may state your injury is the result of a third party. The fact is, there are many ways to acquire a work-related injury which is why all work accidents must be properly investigated to determine who is liable. Sometimes the investigations may reveal that there is a third party to be held accountable for the injury. We understand that determining liability is a hard task, which is why our law firm is filled with experienced workers to determine a fair settlement for you.


Factors To Consider For Fair Compensation


As we work to build our attorney-client relationship, you will begin to acquire knowledge that is necessary for understanding how workers’ compensation claims are processed. We would need to determine if you are obligated to process your claim through a specific workers’ compensation system which may have limitations regarding the legal action you can take in order to receive your workers’ compensation benefits. For this purpose, it is important to act fast when you believe you have been injured on the job so that we can ensure all guidelines are met for you to receive an appropriate settlement offer. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to receive the maximum benefits for your conditions, which includes the possibility of acquiring social security disability if your obtained work injury prevents you from working again.  As we work to establish your case, we will have to acknowledge your preexisting condition which can help us determine the type of injury you have obtained. Injuries are not limited to slips and falls or construction site accidents. They can be the result of constant and improper exposure to chemicals, defective products, or repetitive motion such as constant lower back usage which may result in traumatic muscle strain.


Whatever the injury may be, know that you have a right to have your claim listened to if you have been injured on the job. Do not let the process intimidate you. Start a chat with one of our expert workers’ compensation attorneys today so that we can help you prepare for a better tomorrow.

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