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Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Burlington, New Jersey

Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Burlington, New Jersey

If the words “workplace injury”, “disability benefits”, and “free consultation” relate to you and spark your interest, then you have come to the right site. According to New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law, all injured workers who have obtained work-related injuries are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This means that most employers are expected to have workers’ compensation insurance. Even though the insurance exists, employers aren’t typically willing to pay out the benefits you deserve—which is where we can help.  Possible comp benefits for your work accident can include temporary total disability payments, medical treatment provided by the employer or its insurance company, and lump sum payments especially in the cases of permanent disabilities and bodily impairments. We know it is hard to recognize all your options when it comes time to make a workers’ compensation claim, which is why we provide attorney recommendations from experienced comp lawyers at no fee. You deserve workers’ compensation, and our law firm knows how to make that happen.

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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for Burlington, New Jersey


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And since we work on contingency, you do not have to pay a dime for our services unless we secure benefits for you! Once workers’ compensation is achieved, a contingency fee of 1/3 is presented which means you remain the ultimate beneficiary, as you should!

Craig Altman is a Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Burlington, NJ

Are you eligible for workers’ compensation?

If you have obtained an injury while at work, or an injury that is work-related then you may qualify for fair compensation. The caveat is that your injury must not be the result of a preexisting condition such as an old injury from a car accident. Workplace injuries can be the result of constant and improper exposure to chemicals, defective products, or repetitive motion such as constant lower back usage which may result in traumatic muscle strain.  Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will only provide benefits such as social security disability or medical care for temporary and permanent injuries if it is certain that your injury is completely job-related.


Advice from our workers’ compensation attorneys.

The workers’ compensation system can be hard to navigate. Unfortunately, the process isn’t as straightforward as one would think due to the multiple parties involved. When a workers’ comp claim is made, an employee’s’ insurance is encouraged to find fault in the employee’s actions or fault with a third party so that they can avoid liability for personal injury. That process makes things complicated for you, especially if you need to seek immediate medical care but are unable to afford it due to your injury hindering your working abilities. Considering the complications, we recommend you follow the following advice:


  • Immediately notify your employer that you have obtained an injury to ensure you follow your company’s insurance protocols.
  • Document all costs you have acquired due to your injury such as physical therapy, hospital bills, and medical tests.


That documented information can help ensure you are compensated for every expense the work-injury has cost you.


What to expect when you file a workers’ compensation claim:

  • Expect a fight. Your claim will be challenged for the purpose of protecting the company
  • Diminished earning capacity. Due to your injury, you may not be able to fulfill the responsibilities of your job which may result in alternative responsibilities for less pay.
  • Limited treatment options. Your company can argue that medical treatment isn’t necessary, or their insurance can ignore your request and provide a medical doctor of their choice, not yours.


These setbacks are common when making a workers’ comp claim, which is why it is important to build an attorney-client relationship you can trust to ensure you obtain the best possible representation and outcome.


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We don’t expect you to become a whiz in workers’ compensation law overnight, which is why we recommend you start a live chat with our experience workers today. The practice areas of our lawyers specifically include workers’ compensation law, which is why our team is your best bet for achieving a settlement offer that is deemed right by you.  Even though it’s not impossible, it’ll be hard to acquire a fair settlement otherwise.  So lead the way with your claim, and let Craig Altman decide how to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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