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Personal Injury Lawyers Serving West Chester, PA

Personal Injury Lawyer in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Personal injury law is a broad term that covers any case in which a person has suffered physical, economic, and/or psychological injuries. For instance, were you involved in a serious car accident caused by another driver’s negligence? Or were you severely injured during a deliberate attack? Perhaps your child sustained injuries because of a defective product, such as a car seat or high chair. In short, if a defendant acts unreasonably and someone gets hurt, the injured party may be eligible to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for his or her injuries. Our West Chester, PA personal injury law firm is available to help you determine your rights.


When you are involved in a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, it can be difficult to know where to turn. If you have been injured, it is crucial to seek experienced legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer in West Chester, PA. At the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman, our Pennsylvania accident attorneys provide you with a free consultation to explain your legal options and answer any questions you may have about your personal injury claim.





A West Chester Accident Lawyer Can Help

The West Chester personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman have been handling personal injury cases for decades. We are focused on the practice of personal injury law and helping accident victims. If you would like to take legal action after being negligently injured, we are the law firm you want on your side. Our track record is proof of our dedication to helping accident victims in the aftermath of a serious injury. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you don’t pay unless we are successful with your personal injury case.


Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Our accident lawyers have secured large settlements for countless clients in a variety of personal injury cases resulting from different types of accidents. Our practice areas include:


  • Construction accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Premises liability cases
  • Car accident and auto accident
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Public transportation accidents, including SEPTA
  • Medical malpractice cases
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Product liability cases
  • Dog Bites and animal attacks
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Wrongful death


Personal Injury Claim

How can the negligent party or parties be held responsible in a personal injury claim? There are different forms of liability for personal injury cases. In general, defendants can be held accountable because of a) negligence, b) following an intentional act, or c) in some cases, under a theory of strict liability. Negligent acts occur when a defendant fails to use reasonable care, and someone gets hurt as a result. When you sue someone because of negligence, it is understood that the defendant did not intend for your injury to occur- but was negligent in his or her behavior. Intentional acts are different. These refer to situations in which a defendant intended to cause harm. Strict liability is the trickiest and typically applies to defective product lawsuits.


How Much Compensation Am I Entitled to For My Personal Injury Claim?

Because there are many different kinds of personal injury lawsuits, compensation amounts can vary widely. Most accident victims can seek compensation or a fair settlement for their injuries. This means that accident victims may be able to obtain both economic and non-economic compensation. Both forms fall under the category of compensatory damages, which are intended to compensate victims for losses as a result of their accident.


Economic damages might include:

  • Hospital bills and other medical expenses
  • Loss of income and loss of future wages due to an inability to work
  • Costs for rehabilitation and physical therapy


Non-economic damages might include:

  • Pain and suffering caused by the trauma of the injuries.
  • If the accident has left you with a permanent disability or disfigurement, you can seek compensation for the emotional injuries connected with these losses.


Get Your Rightful Compensation

Following an accident, you may think that your personal injury has only affected you with medical bills, but with time, you may find that your employment is affected as well. You may also have property damage, emotional and psychological turmoil, daily inconvenience, and worse, unnecessary pain. These are all things for which you should receive compensation. The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman is proud of the reputation we have built successfully negotiating and litigating for clients who have suffered personal injuries due to the negligence of others.


How Much Time Do I Have to File a Claim?

Each state has its own statutes that govern the amount of time you will have to file a personal injury claim. These are called statutes of limitations. In Pennsylvania, there are separate statutes for different types of personal injury cases. However, most personal injury lawsuits will need to be filed within two years from the date of injury. There are exceptions to each rule, and medical malpractice claims are treated a bit differently. Since each case is different, it is essential to seek the advice of a local West Chester, PA personal injury attorney.


An experienced West Chester, Pennsylvania personal injury attorney can closely examine your case and can explain the statute of limitations for your specific claim. At the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman, our dedicated personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania have been handling cases for years and will ensure that you file a claim within the required period.


When Should I Contact a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer?

After you have been involved in a serious accident or have sustained a life-altering injury, it may be difficult to think about taking legal action. However, it is important to speak to an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney as soon as possible. In many cases, the sooner you contact an attorney, the quicker you’ll be able to seek compensation for your damages. A dedicated personal injury lawyer in West Chester, PA at the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman can begin working on your case today.


Contact Our Personal Injury Law Firm in West Chester, PA

At the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman, we have allocated our efforts and the resources of the firm to protect accident victims and their loved ones by obtaining the highest monetary recoveries, settlements, awards, and verdicts, on behalf of our clients. We make sure our clients are compensated justly for their pain and suffering, monetary losses, wage losses, medical bills, future treatment, care needs, and property damage.


Our firm has successfully handled thousands of cases, both inside and outside of the courtroom. We have the resources and tools required to tackle even the most challenging kinds of cases. Our West Chester personal injury trial lawyers work hard to protect the rights of our clients and pursue justice on their behalf. Our aggressive litigation skills could make all the difference should your case need to be taken to court.


With years of experience, we are seasoned negotiators outside the courtroom and tenacious litigants inside the courtroom. Our trial attorneys have a hard-earned reputation for winning personal injury cases in Pennsylvania courtrooms. As a result of our many successes, defendants and their insurance companies are inclined to offer our clients favorable settlements. Often, we are referred by former clients who have felt well-represented and respected by our team of knowledgeable lawyers.


Craig A. Altman Helps Clients Receive Compensation in West Chester, PA Personal Injury Cases

At the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman, we understand the complexities of a personal injury claim, which is why our skilled attorneys will always provide you with personalized legal representation and act in your best interest. Your case is unique and deserves personal attention. We know that personal injury law varies from state-to-state, so leave the South Florida personal injury cases to the Miami lawyers, and let the knowledgeable West Chester attorneys at our personal injury law firm handle your case.


Call the experienced personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman today to discuss your personal injury claim. You can reach us day or night, or you can use our online contact form to schedule a free case evaluation at which we will make you fully aware of your legal options.


We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you don’t pay unless we are successful with your case. To schedule your free consultation, contact us today at (215) 569-4488 or click here to start chat!

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