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Slip and Fall Lawyer in Media, PA

Slipping and falling in a public place, such as a bustling store or supermarket, can be a jarring and often painful experience. If you’ve suffered a fall at a Walmart, Target, or any local grocery store in Media or throughout Delaware County, know that you’re not alone in navigating the aftermath. These slip and fall accidents can leave you facing not just physical injury but also financial strain from medical bills and lost wages.

The aisles and floors of commercial properties are high-traffic zones that should be maintained with the utmost care. When property owners fail to uphold their responsibility to keep their premises safe, they must be held accountable. Whether it’s a wet floor without proper signage, uneven surfaces, or poorly lit areas that contributed to your fall, you may be entitled to recover compensation for the negligence.


Our team of dedicated slip and fall accident lawyers understands the local Media area’s legal landscape and is fiercely committed to advocating for your rights. We’ll guide you through every step of the legal process with the compassion and tenacity you deserve. Time can be crucial in these legal claims, so let us help you gather the evidence needed to support your personal injury claim effectively.

Don’t shoulder the burden of a slip and fall accident alone. Allow our experienced accident lawyers to navigate the complexities of your case while you focus on healing. We operate on a contingency basis, meaning you owe us nothing unless we win your case. Get in touch with the slip and fall attorneys at the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman today for a free consultation, and take the first step towards securing the justice you deserve.

What Is A Slip and Fall Case?

The term “slip and fall” is the informal term for the legal doctrine of “premises liability.” Under Pennsylvania law, a property owner has a duty to maintain their premises or property in a safe manner free of unsafe or defective conditions, any safety hazard, or dangerous conditions.

If a visitor to someone’s property slips, trips, or falls as a result of an unsafe or defective condition or someone else’s negligence, the injured party may recover maximum compensation through a personal injury case. They are entitled under the law to recover money for their injuries.

Property Owners Have a Duty to Warn Visitors of Potential Dangers

Property owners have a duty under the law to maintain their premises and keep them free of dangerous conditions to prevent fall victims from suffering a slip and fall injury. Those who can be held liable in a slip-and-fall lawsuit include:

  • Homeowners

  • Business owners

  • Landlords

  • Location managers

  • Security subcontractors

  • Government agencies are potentially liable for injuries caused on their premises.

The duty of these property owners is two-fold:

  1. they must remove unsafe conditions on the property, and

  2. they must warn visitors of dangers on the property.

Additionally, certain property owners have heightened obligations under premises liability law. Although all property owners have a legal duty to warn visitors of dangers, commercial property owners owe a higher duty than single-family residential property owners. This is because commercial property owners may be held responsible for accidents caused by “natural” conditions such as something weather-related. They may be liable for a dangerous condition such as:

  • Wet floors

  • Poorly marked steps

  • Failure to remove snow and ice

  • Defective conditions

Understanding your rights is critical if you’re a victim of a slip and fall accident. The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman specialize in holding negligent property owners in Media, PA accountable. We know the specific legal obligations that property owners have to ensure their spaces are hazard-free. Our law firm stands ready to fight for your right to compensation, making certain that property owners are responsible for any injuries due to the property owner’s failure to provide a safe environment.

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*The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman does not offer any guarantee of case results. Past success in litigation does not guarantee success in any new or future lawsuit.

Most Common Locations for Slip and Fall Accidents

A dangerous condition that can lead to slip and fall injury can occur at either a private property (home), public (owned by the government), or commercial premise (business). Under Pennsylvania’s premises liability law, these property owners must exercise reasonable care to prevent serious injuries to visitors.

Slip and fall accidents occur due to and at:

  • Private homes

  • Stores

  • Markets

  • City, state, or other public property

  • Malls

  • Gyms and health clubs

  • Apartment buildings

  • Roadways

  • Sidewalks

  • Parking lots

  • Construction sites

The bottom line is a slip and fall accident can happen anytime, anywhere. If you fall are the victim of a slip and fall accident, after you seek medical attention, you should contact a slip and fall lawyer for an evaluation of whether or not you are entitled to be compensated for your injuries.

An experienced slip and fall lawyer will look at all the facts and circumstances of your personal injury case. They may investigate:

  • Private property owners who fail to quickly clear snow or ice on their sidewalks are potentially liable when a visitor or passerby slips and falls. Additionally, private property owners need to protect passersby against trip-and-fall injuries caused by a cracked sidewalk.

  • Construction sites are particularly likely to have unsafe structural conditions, such as unsecured scaffolding, that can lead to slip-and-fall accidents.

  • Owners and operators of commercial establishments, such as malls, need to constantly keep up with the maintenance of the premises. Failure to do this can lead to slip-and-fall accidents on unsafe elevators or malfunctioning escalators.

  • Owners of office buildings have an obligation to ensure that stairwells are sufficiently lit so that workers do not slip and fall.

  • Convenience stores and stand-alone pharmacies, such as Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens, have heavy foot traffic and customers are often in a hurry to come and go.

  • A slip & fall can happen anytime, anywhere. If you fall, call us to find out whether or not you are entitled to be compensated for your injuries.

Most Common Injuries Sustained from a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents can have far-reaching impacts on an individual’s health and well-being. The nature of these incidents often results in serious injuries that may require lengthy rehabilitation or even result in permanent disabilities. The consequences of such accidents can be devastating, not only physically but also financially and emotionally, as victims may be faced with mounting medical bills, lost earnings, and the challenge of adjusting to life-altering conditions.

Victims of slip and fall accidents in Pennsylvania commonly sustain a range of slip and fall injuries that can vary significantly in severity, including, but not limited to:

  • Broken bones, particularly hip fractures

  • Concussions and another traumatic brain injury

  • Spinal cord injuries, which can lead to partial or complete paralysis

  • Torn ligaments and tendons

  • Knee damage, including to the meniscus or ACL

  • Shoulder dislocations or muscle strains

  • Back and neck injuries, including herniated discs

  • Cuts and abrasions that may require stitches or lead to infection

  • Emotional trauma such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

When considering a slip-and-fall claim, proving negligence is crucial. The victim must show that the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition and failed to address it properly. At the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman, we are adept at navigating these complex criteria. Our rigorous approach gathers evidence, including surveillance footage, witness statements, and maintenance records, to build a strong slip and fall case that supports your claim. Our goal is not only to secure compensation for the immediate costs of your injuries but also to ensure you are supported for any long-term recovery needs.

When You've Been Injured, We Will Help

The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman will help you seek monetary compensation for:

Medical Expenses

Hospital bills can be overwhelming, particularly if your accident caused brain & spinal injuries or other serious injuries. Reimbursement for medical bills is an essential part of recovery in an injury case.

Future Medical Treatments​

Serious injury to your neck and/or back may require years of medical attention and exhaustive physical therapy.

Lost Income​

Recovery for lost wages is essential. In addition, you could be entitled to income continuation.

Timing Matters in Personal Injury Cases

You Need to Act Quickly to Preserve Your Legal Rights

A personal injury case must be filed within a certain period of time as per Pennsylvania law. A slip and fall lawyer can explain what is called the “statute of limitations” in detail. Basically, the statute of limitations on personal injury cases in Pennsylvania is two years from the date of your injury.

After this time has passed, you may be barred forever from bringing a claim. Additionally, your insurance company might require you to provide a statement within 30 days of the slip and fall accident. Our Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer will make sure all necessary documentation for your case is filed in a timely fashion.

Tough Cases. Tougher Lawyers.

The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman is proud of the reputation it has built successfully negotiating and litigating for clients who have suffered personal injuries due to someone’s negligence.

Learn more about this personal injury law firm, the legal team, and its verdicts and settlements. An experienced slip and fall attorney is what you will need and want if you seek to obtain maximum compensation for your injury case.

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Property owners need to be held accountable for their failures. If you’ve fallen on someone else’s property and suffered an injury as a result, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney who will fight to get you compensated. If your injuries are severe, the experienced personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman can help you rebuild your life. We are seasoned personal injury lawyers with decades of experience in courtrooms in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. Additionally, we have a history of successful negotiations with insurance companies, so you know that we will not let a negligent property owner off the hook.

We have helped countless slip and fall victims across Philadelphia with their accident claims. We know your legal rights. Our law firm will ensure that you get fair compensation for your accident injuries, medical care, and medical treatment. 

We offer legal advice when dealing with your insurance company regarding your accident claim and insurance claim. We know how to effectively negotiate with insurance companies and persuade them to offer a fair and final settlement. The accident attorneys at our personal injury law firm will act in your best interest.

Our experienced slip and fall attorneys not only have all the Philadelphia accident resources, they also have decades of experience. You can rest assured that you will receive aggressive advocacy of your case in any settlement negotiations and if necessary, at trial. You will also be treated with respect and the compassion you deserve after suffering a traumatic accident. 

We always handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis; this means we don’t get paid unless we win your case. Call us today, or use our online contact form to schedule a free, in-person consultation.

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