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Bristol Township is an exciting and diverse area, with a history marked by industrial development and the hard-working perseverance of its inhabitants. With a population of 54, 582, Bristol is ranked #13 of the largest municipalities in Pennsylvania.


Bristol has long been an easily accessible location, which led to its prominence in U.S. history as a major transportation hub, and remains so, being a stop along SEPTA’s Regional Rail, Line 4. There are also two airports and five Amtrak stations within a 30-mile radius of the town.






Situated in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Bristol Borough was established in 1681 when a man named Samuel Clift set up a ferry across the Delaware River and prepared the area to become a prominent transportation hub.


Soon after the establishment of the ferry, a petition was passed naming Bristol a market town, and making it the third province in the area, following Chester and Philadelphia.


The town’s significance increased over time as its role as a major transportation center grew significantly. The location along the river contributed to the town’s success in rebounding after a “Great Fire” in 1724 that devastated many of the original constructions in the town.


Bristol also became a station on the stage line from Philadelphia to New York. As such, it benefitted from the construction of an elegant hotel, formerly known as the Delaware House (now referred to as The Fountain House), and drew the attention of the social elite by being recognized as the premier spa in the United States, between the 1780s and 1820s.


As more of the upper-class citizens created elaborate residences in the area, the real estate market boomed, primarily from those seeking industrial properties along the Delaware River.

Though they suffered immensely when the canal outlet lock in New Hope created a quicker route between Philadelphia and New York, Bristol continued to thrive, as it became an industrial center for rolling mills, textile mills, and carpet mills.


With the growing industry, workers flocked to the area, and several housing endeavors, identifiable today as red brick row homes throughout the region, was completed to provide dwelling places for the working class and middle-class citizens who lived in the area.


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Things to do in Bristol


There are so many things to do in Bristol Pennsylvania. Be sure to check out some of the area’s highlights, including:


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