Faking A Slip & Fall Can Land You In A Heap Of Trouble

Faking a Slip & Fall Can Land You in a Heap of Trouble

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In personal injury, we have a right to feel safe when we are on public property. For example, a spill in the supermarket must be cleared up before it becomes the site of an accident. Similarly, ice and snow must be cleared from sidewalks and parking lots must be well-lit so pedestrians can step around dangerous potholes and pavement cracks.

However, even when property owners are vigilant about maintenance, accidents happen. True slip and falls or trip and falls occur on properties all over the U.S. and when they do a good personal injury lawyer can help the victim win compensation through a premises liability lawsuit.

On the other hand, faking a slip & fall is not only illegal, but it also causes big problems for the alleged victim. Instead of getting paid by the insurance company, it’s more likely that a person who tries to defraud a store owner or insurance company will be spending time in jail.

Such is a good possibility for a Perth Amboy man who was indicted in mid-November after he faked a slip & fall accident in the parking lot of a car dealership in order to get the company’s insurance company to pay for treatment of a pre-existing back injury. He succeeded having gotten over half a million dollars worth of surgeries and another $55,000 in temporary disability payments.

He admitted to his former employers that he faked his injuries and just laid down in the parking lot – out of the view of security cameras. He was indicted on charges of theft by deception, attempted theft by deception, insurance fraud, health care claims fraud and several other charges. He faces between five and 10 years in jail if convicted of the charges.

Crime doesn’t pay. However, if you or someone you love has been honestly injured in a slip and fall or other premises liability or personal injury accident, please contact the Craig Altman Law Firm for a free consultation about your case.

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