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Limited Recalls from Several Car Companies to Address Airbag Defects

Limited Recalls from Several Car Companies to Address Airbag Defects



Several car manufacturers including BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota have announced limited recalls in certain areas of the country to address a possible safety defect involving air bags made with Takata inflators. In all, there are 10 car makers involved in the situation with Honda being the most affected.

The recalls are based on six reports to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration air bag inflator issues in Florida and Puerto Rico. In those six instances, drivers were injured by metal and plastic debris when their airbags inflated. The recalls are currently limited to warm weather, high humidity areas.

In a letter to the NTSB, Takata revealed that the potentially dangerous airbags were sold to those specific companies. “Takata is not certain which models or model years of vehicles are equipped with the subject inflators, and it does not know how many of those vehicles were sold in or are registered in the States to be covered by the requested field actions. That information will need to be obtained from the affected vehicle manufacturers.”

However, Takata said it would do an internal investigation and announce promptly if there are any other vehicle manufacturers involved in the problem.

The NTSB applauded the automakers’ decision to limit public risk by announcing the recalls. If you are notified of a recall, have your vehicle serviced right away to limit any danger to drivers and others on the road.

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