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Workers’ Compensation Attorney, Hamilton Township, NJ

Workers’ Compensation Attorney, Hamilton Township, NJ

Since 1990, the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman have been working to help individuals achieve the financial gains they deserve. With practice areas ranging from personal injuries from car accidents to workers’ compensation claims, and offices in multiple New Jersey counties and Philadelphia, Craig Altman and his team of experienced workers are amongst the best to help you file your workers’ comp claim for your work-related injury.

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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys for Hamilton, New Jersey

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Understanding Workers’ Compensation


There are many factors to be aware of before filing a claim for your workplace injury. Listed below are top facts to consider to help you understand New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system:


  • Even if your permanent address is in a different zip code or another state such as New York, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits as long as you work in New Jersey.
  • According to New Jersey state law, every employer must have workers’ compensation insurance that must cover every employee starting their first day of employment.
  • You do not need to worry about your employer firing you for making a claim. That’s illegal! Plain and simple.
  • New Jersey is a no-fault state. This means that even if you caused the work accident, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.
  • The different types of benefits include medical treatment, temporary comp benefits, disability benefits, and social security disability payments.
  • Permanent disability is concluded after maximum medical treatment has been attempted. Before establishing an injured worker has suffered a permanent injury, medical care must have attempted to rectify the injury. If the injury cannot be rectified, the individual is then entitled to disability payments.
  • Temporary disability benefits are available for employees who have missed at least seven days of work.
  • Your employers’ insurance can offer you benefits up to 70% of your regular wage.
  • Types of injuries eligible for fair compensation benefits include:
    • Injuries as the result of repetitive motion (e.g. carpal tunnel, back and muscle strains)
    • Slip and fall accidents
    • Machine operating errors



When is a Workers’ Compensation Claim Necessary?


If you experienced any of the above injuries, and if your ability to function at work has been hindered, your workers’ compensation claim is eligible for benefits or a fair settlement offer. Workers’ compensation benefits can cover the cost of your medical bills once they are established. You have enough to worry about after obtaining an injury. Your ability to provide has been compromised. You should not have to suffer physical pain and lose wages. You deserve a chance to receive benefits and a lump sum payment for your losses.



Working With Your Employer’s Insurance Company


Your employer’s compensation insurance is going to want to minimize the benefits you deserve as a way to save the company money. That is why you should never agree to an employer’s offer prior to having a comp lawyer review the deal given to you. The insurance company may even try to avoid liability for the injury by finding a third party responsible for the accident, such as the management company of the operating equipment that caused your injury. Your employer may also try to blame your injury on a preexisting condition. For example, if you hurt your leg years ago in a bike accident, your employer may try to claim that your old injury is what yielded your current injury. Their manipulation tactics is exactly why you need a law firm comprised of workers’ compensation lawyers who know how to successfully navigate the workers’ compensation system.



Our Initial Advice


Report your claim immediately after obtaining the injury. It is crucial that you follow the protocols set forth by your employer’s insurance company in order to ensure you achieve maximum benefits. You must be honest about when your injury happened and how it occurred. Inquire about the necessary steps of actions.


Document everything! Every doctor’s appointment, medical test, and hospital visit should be supported by official documents. We will help you utilize these files to ensure you get reimbursed for all expenses your injury has cost you.


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Do not worry about the cost of our services. We work on contingency fees which means that our expertise is available to you with no fee necessary unless we help you achieve your claim. Once you have acquired your benefits, we collect ⅓ of the earnings, which means that you remain the ultimate winner as you should!

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