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Legal Services in Phoenixville, PA

Phoenixville is a borough of Chester County, Pennsylvania, just a short drive outside the limits of the city. It is still considered part of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. As of the 2010 census, the population of the borough was 16,440. With the median household income at around $50,000, much of Phoenixville is part of the middle working class.





Phoenixville was settled in 1732 and incorporated as a borough about a hundred years later. It was initially known as Manavon. In the early 20th century, it experienced an industrial boom. The area became known for its manufacturing, iron, and steel mills like the Phoenix Iron Works, silk mill, hosiery and match factories. Phoenixville also exported Etruscan majolica pottery pieces, which are now highly valuable collectibles.


Though the mills have closed, for the most part, the town remains a mecca of industry, with steel being its primary product. The town’s hard-working, humble roots still reach its heart today.



Things to do in Phoenixville


The borough of Phoenixville offers an endless number of local businesses and activities to enjoy, so while you’re there, consider visiting:


  • Floral Boutiques – While marveling at the beautiful floral work of Cameron Peters Floral Designs or Nichols Flower Shop, perhaps you will feel compelled to purchase a one-of-a-kind bouquet for a loved one.


  • Valley Forge National Historical Park – Whether you are a history buff, or someone who enjoys a scenic stroll through rolling hills, be sure to visit this site, where the Continental Army passed the brutal winter of 1777-78 under the command of General George Washington.


  • Pennhurst Asylum – For adults and older teens who enjoy a good fright and something off the beaten path, at Pennhurst Asylum legend and lore are brought to life during tours and paranormal investigations. If you appreciate a solid ghost hunt, this is the place for you to visit.



Places to Eat


  • Grab a bite to eat or a glass to drink at one of the many bars and restaurants in the borough. The Foodery is great for a casual drink and artisan sandwich, as is Black Lab Bistro for something a bit more upscale.



Who We Are


At the Law Offices of Craig A. Altman, we are a team of highly skilled lawyers that firmly believe you deserve recognition for all of your hard work. We specialize in personal injury suits and have a firm understanding of workers’ compensation laws specifically for your benefit. We’re not afraid to tackle even the most difficult cases. If you’ve been injured or wronged, we are here to support and get you the compensation you deserve, not only as a valuable asset to our community, but a person with a job, family, and needs.   


Lawsuits cost money and time and are frequently stressful. We work to ensure that your resources are being are utilized effectively. Our experienced attorneys want you to feel at ease, reassured that we’re doing all that we can to help you.



What We Can Do For You


When it comes to workers’ compensation, no matter who is at fault, you are entitled to file a claim. Keeping Pennsylvania’s compensation laws in mind, we work hard to enforce the rights you’ve been given. We’ve fought and won cases regarding everything from slip and fall accident situations to wrongful death suits. If you believe that you’re not getting the representation or compensation you deserve for an injury at the workplace, contact us at (215) 791-8848. Our attorneys are waiting to help you.

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