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Drexel Hill is a town located largely within Upper Darby Township. However, a small portion of the town lies within the jurisdiction of Haverford Township. At just seven miles outside of Philadelphia’s Center City, the town is considered part of the Philadelphia metropolitan area. As such, Drexel Hill boasts a rather large population of 28,043 people according to the 2010 census, many of which are hard-working, middle-class residents.

Several historic homes still stand within the area of Drexel Hill. Dating back to the 17th century, the Lower Swedish Cabin on Creek Avenue may possibly be the oldest log cabin in North America, and it serves as a testament to early Swedish settlers, as well as their pragmatism and work ethic. Another historic home is Thornfield, which belonged to famous abolitionist, Thomas Garrett, and then Walter Isard, a prominent economist who founded the Regional Science department at the University of Pennsylvania.


Things to Do in Drexel Hill:

As a home to many great thinkers and doers should be, Drexel Hill is an active town with attractions and activities, which include:

  • Participating in a production at Summer Stage, which offers everything from classes for toddlers to mainstage shows for adults. Tina Fey was once even a participant!
  • Grab a lane and make a night of it with friends or loved ones at Playhouse Lanes. You can eat and bowl to your heart’s desire!


Who You Are:

You are a construction worker who was injured on a job trying to build a new business in Drexel Hill. The guard rails and scaffold ties were insecure, and you fell. Now you’re seeking compensation for your construction accident.

You’re a worker at a local restaurant who experienced an injury on the job, causing permanent damage that will impact future wages.

Your family member received an incorrect diagnosis, resulting in their passing and your own unimaginable devastation and distress.


Who We Are and What We Will Do for You:

The emotional and logistical losses associated with personal injury suits cannot be overestimated. So often, large businesses and other people downgrade them, and you don’t end up with the compensation you deserve. The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman want to help.


Our lawyers are highly trained in personal injury and workers’ compensation law in order to help you to the fullest extent. Whether it be a construction accident, slip or fall, or car accident that you’re trying to receive compensation for, we have the insight and education to help you win your case.


Get the Help You Need Now

Our lawyers only get paid if you do, which motivates them all the more. It also means that you don’t owe us a dime if we are unable to win your suit. This rarely happens, considering the skill of our team of lawyers. We often pick up cases rejected by other firms for being too difficult. We aren’t afraid of losing because we know exactly what we’re doing. If you think we sound like the right fit for you, call us now at (215)-703-9889, or submit your information for a free consultation.

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