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How Can Auto Accidents Lead to Potential Spinal Cord Injuries?

gentleman holding his back as if he is injured

How Can Auto Accidents Lead to Potential Spinal Cord Injuries?   An auto accident can be a traumatic experience. In case of life-threatening injuries, it could take years to rebuild your life. One such injury is damage to the spinal cord.   It is one of the most important parts of your body because it is a means of communication between your brain and your body. Any damage to your spinal cord, your brain will stop giving instructions, resulting in complete body inactivity. So, you can very well imagine that if your spinal cord gets injured in an auto accident, there can be...

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How to Get the Maximum Compensation for Your Work Injury Claim

workers' compensation claim

How to Get the Maximum Compensation for Your Work Injury Claim   Last week, one of my colleagues slipped and fell inside the office, injuring her spine. After treating her, the doctor has advised her to rest for two months. Such accidents are unfortunate; however, if you land in such a situation, you must be informed of the ways to make most out of your work injury claim.   Six primary ways to achieve maximum recovery on your claims are as follows:   1. Stay informed   If you get hurt on the job, it’s important to know your responsibility as an employee. For example, the fundamental...

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Safety Advice and Tips on How to Avoid and Survive an Auto Accident

2 cars after a rear end collision

Safety Advice and Tips on How to Avoid and Survive an Auto Accident   Think of Diana, the former Princess of Wales and Paul Walker, a prominent American actor. Well, apparently there seems to be nothing common between the two.  You are wrong. Both have had their spectacular lives cut short due to a tragic car accident.   Think for a moment; are you really doing your best to avoid being in such a mishap? Remember that confidence is going to help you, but overconfidence can be deadly. So, brush up your defensive driving skills and follow the regulations as well as the safety...

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Work Injury: How and When to Tell Your Employer About Your Injury

construction worker holding on to injured knee

Work Injury: How and When to Tell Your Employer About Your Injury A work injury includes an injury or illness that has been sustained at work. The injury may be directly caused or contributed by the factors at the workplace. It’s common for people to get hurt at work. Unfortunately, it’s also common for these injuries to go unreported.   In the case of a workplace injury, workers are often faced with the dilemma of whether they should report their injury and if yes, when. It’s often noted that many workers don’t report their injuries for multiple reasons. Some fear the reaction of...

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What Are Common Brain Injuries Related to Medical Malpractice?

traumatic brain injuries

Common Brain Injuries Related to Medical Malpractice You have heard of people suffering from brain injuries in accidents but did you know that hospitals and healthcare providers whom you trust implicitly can also cause traumatic brain injuries? It is shocking but true. The brain is the decision maker for all bodily functions. Any injury to the brain, however small or serious, can have irrevocable damages to a person, resulting in even death.   When a brain injury occurs due to medical malpractice, it is considered a crime. It could have been avoided and a precious life could have been saved if the doctors...

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

person filling out a work injury claim

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim No matter how careful you are at work, accidents can happen. Just when you think a work injury can’t possibly happen to you, you fall victim to one and are rendered incapable of performing your former job duties. You turn to your employer and their medical team for a proper diagnosis of your injury or disease and hope to see compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation claims must be filed carefully and submitted in a timely manner, or else they could be denied, and you could be...

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Injured by a Doctor? Don’t Wait to Sue


Medical negligence can easily result in serious injury or death. Healthcare professionals don’t set out to make mistakes, but when medical errors are made, the results can be disastrous.  It can be a downright traumatic experience that will have family members and victims alike reeling in emotional turmoil for months. That being said, it’s not always easy to figure out the full extent of the injuries caused by a negligent doctor, nurse or healthcare facility. Sometimes, it can take months or years for someone to fully know how much damage was caused and whether the repercussions will be lifelong. Unfortunately, the...

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Beyond Workers’ Comp in Construction Site Accidents: You May Have a Third Party Claim


When potholes are fixed, bridges are erected and new shopping centers are built, we all have New Jersey’s construction workers to thank for a job well done. However, as we are decorating our newly built homes, or traveling the freshly paved highways in the Garden State, few people realize how dangerous it is to be a construction worker. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2009 revealed that three times more construction workers in private industry died compared to all other workers in the entire country combined. The construction business is absolutely one of the most dangerous lines of work to...

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Big Buses Cause Severe Injuries for Philadelphia Riders


In Pennsylvania, people have to get a special license to drive a SEPTA bus or other bus-like vehicle. These drivers are specially trained because operating a large vehicle like a bus is a difficult job, especially in Philadelphia where streets are tight and there is traffic congestion day and night. That being said, public transportation accidents do happen. In fact U.S. transportation statistics reveals close to 11,000 bus accidents were reported in the Keystone State in 2008. That year alone, around 24,000 individuals were injured in bus accidents. (This information was calculated based on the most recent data available.) While all accidents can...

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How Does a Jury Place Monetary Value on Your Slip & Fall Case?


If you slip and fall and decide to file a premises liability case, it’s more than likely that an experienced personal injury lawyer can skillfully negotiate a generous settlement on your behalf – without you ever having to step foot in a courtroom. However, when negotiations fail, you will have to take your case to court and present evidence to a jury. After the members of the jury hear both sides of the case, listen to witness testimony and view all evidence including photographs of the accident scene, they are the ones who will ultimately decide how much money you will get to...

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