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Car Accident Lawyer: Rights if You Are a Passenger in a Car Accident

Car Accident Lawyer: Rights if You Are a Passenger in a Car Accident

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Car Accident Lawyer: Rights if You Are a Passenger in a Car Accident

When we hire a cab, we expect a pleasant experience traveling to our destination and are confident of getting to our destination well within time. Unfortunately, in a stroke of bad luck, you may suddenly find yourself involved in a car accident and sustain several injuries.

Sure, it is going to be a trying time for you as you have to get treated for your personal injuries and have to even might have to deal with medical expenses in the process.

You were a mere passenger in the car and cannot be held liable for the mishap. Wait! There are several other considerations to take note of and a highly experienced car accident lawyer may also try to pin the blame on you partially.

Here are the facts that you should be aware of in case of an automobile accident:


The insurance companies are likely to investigate the incident closely in order to figure out who was at fault. While in all probability it will be the driver yet you, as a passenger cannot be absolved of the fault completely in certain instances.

If the insurance company finds that you had grabbed the steering wheel at the last moment trying to swerve the car out of the way or had been responsible for making the driver take his eyes off the road then you are in for trouble. Your compensation might be drastically reduced in such an eventuality. There are quite a few states where the law does not entertain any sort of damage claims for parties who had been even remotely responsible for the accident.

Filing the claim

You have every right to file for damages even if you had been a passenger. You can submit a claim to the auto insurance firm to pay for your medical expenses. However, the amount may not be enough especially when the injuries are severe. The best way to meet this would be to file a proper claim against the parties liable for the damage.

An experienced automobile accident attorney would help you get the maximum compensation that includes medical compensation, as well as physical and medical compensation as lost wages.

Two-Car Accident Claim

There are often two cars involved in a collision. Both the drivers may be at fault. If you have been caught in such a situation you may well receive the full compensation with both the insurance companies agreeing to pay you half of the amount.

Sadly, settling the issue is not always straightforward. The insurance companies divide up the amount according to the degree of liability ascertained for their clients. Unfortunately, the process may drag on indefinitely with neither party willing to admit its responsibility for the accident. You could end up wasting precious time. Contact a personal injury attorney immediately so that a settlement can be reached amicably.

Injury to Multiple Passengers

If you were one of several passengers in the vehicle at the time of the accident, it would help to speak with the driver’s insurance carrier for claiming compensation. However, doing it solely for yourself is not going to be effective.

The best way forward is to get together with the other injured passengers and decide about the amount that each of you would be claiming. Meeting the insurance company’s legal representative jointly will definitely help you to settle the case quickly.

Bickering among yourselves as to who merits a higher amount will only delay the matter with the guilty party going scot-free. It would require the expertise of a personal injury attorney to represent you and place your claim so that you get the required compensation in due time.

Dealing with the legal issues is time-consuming and needs careful consideration as well as thorough knowledge about the procedure. Unfortunately, you could find yourself frustrated going through the details and doing the heavy lifting when you have just been injured in an auto accident.

A personal injury lawyer will take care of the communication with all concerned parties and prepare the case diligently.

If you or your loved ones have been in an accident on the road, understandably you’re going through a lot. A personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Craig Altman can help you navigate through the complex process of filing a claim and make sure that you get what you rightly deserve. Give us a call at 215-569-4488 to find out if your case qualifies and the amount of compensation that you could claim.


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