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Attorney at Law Highlights Bike Lanes and How to Reduce Accident Risk

Attorney at Law Highlights Bike Lanes and How to Reduce Accident Risk

bike lane on a busy city street

Attorney at Law Highlights Bike Lanes and How to Reduce Accident Risk

With more and more people riding a bike for both health and environment causes, the number of cyclists meeting with accidents has also increased. On many occasions, the fault isn’t the riders. You can contact an automobile accident attorney at law if you meet with an accident while riding your bicycle.

Though cycle accidents are not as common as car accidents they can cause grave injuries. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation the common places and factors that lead to bike accidents are:

  • Age: Kids and young adults are more likely to be involved in bike accidents than older adults. They tend to ride faster and recklessly.
  • Intersections: Many accidents occur on intersections where an oncoming car fails to notice you turning at the intersection.
  • Time of day: You would think that most accidents would happen in the evening but, surprisingly the daytime recorded the highest number of bike accidents in PA. The second highest time of the day when accidents were recorded were at night due to poor lighting.
  • Road conditions: You are likely to meet with a fall or an accident while riding in poor road conditions. If there are no warning signs of construction or repairs on the road then you more susceptible to a fall.

In 2015, 880 people met with fatal accidents when riding their bikes. About 45,000 people reported having injuries. So if you assumed that cycling was a safe sport you might want to reconsider it. Of course, a personal injury attorney at law can help you file a personal injury case if you are injured when riding your bike and you weren’t at fault. None the less you should stay safe.

Here are a few tips that would help you stay safe.

Use hand signals: It is important to communicate with other drivers on the road even when you are riding in a bike lane. Since you do not have blinkers to indicate you need to use hand signals. This will ensure safety not only to other drivers but to pedestrians as well. Here is what you can do to avoid mishaps:

  1. Right Turns: Make a 90° angle at your elbow extending your right arm. Your forearm and palm should face the sky.
  2. Alternative Right Turns: With a flat palm extend your right arm out.
  3. Left Turns: With a flat palm extend your left arm.
  4. Stopping or Slowing: Make a 90° angle at your elbow by extending either your left or right arm. Your forearm and palm should face the sky.

Here’s a pictorial representation of the most commonly understood hand signals for cyclists.

Riding single file: Another safety riding tip for all bike riders is to ride in the same direction as traffic. It holds good even if you are riding in bike lanes. When there is heavy biker traffic in bike lanes the best way is to ride in a single file.

Many states like Illinois have a law where motorists have to keep a gap of 3 feet between them and the cyclists. One of the positives of riding in a single file lane is you can use clear hand signals as indicators.

Wearing safety gear: Helmets are a must when riding cycles. In addition, wearing high visibility clothing like orange or yellow fluorescent vests or shirts and reflective clothing in the night will ensure that you are safe on the road.

Use of multiple forms of active lights will ensure safety at night. White lights in the front, reflectors in the wheels spokes and red lights in the rear of the cycle are good to keep you visible for other drivers while you are out riding at night.

Follow rules: Even if you are a biker it is important to follow rules and be courteous to other fellow riders. Keeping roads safe is a common responsibility where both you and others who share the road are equally accountable. Follow parking laws, traffic signs, yielding to pedestrians, keeping a safe distance from other vehicles, right of laws, proper signaling and riding close to the edge of the road are things you should always adhere to.

If you’ve been involved in a road accident, The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman can help. Fill out a contact form on our site or give us a call at 215-569-4488 for a free consultation.


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