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How to Get the Maximum Compensation for Your Work Injury Claim

workers' compensation claim

How to Get the Maximum Compensation for Your Work Injury Claim


Last week, one of my colleagues slipped and fell inside the office, injuring her spine. After treating her, the doctor has advised her to rest for two months. Such accidents are unfortunate; however, if you land in such a situation, you must be informed of the ways to make most out of your work injury claim.


Six primary ways to achieve maximum recovery on your claims are as follows:


1. Stay informed


If you get hurt on the job, it’s important to know your responsibility as an employee. For example, the fundamental action you must take right after your accident is to seek medical help. In case of an emergency, you may be taken to a hospital for first aid or medical examination.


While you may be in pain or shock, you must ensure that you mention all the injuries to the doctor, nurse, or the attendant who approaches you to know your condition. For example, if you have injured your head, neck, back, and shoulder, you must mention all these body parts to the attendant.


In case you miss to mention a body part, you may have difficulty seeking a claim against that injury later as you didn’t mention it in the first medical record. It’s difficult to judge the severity of an injury and thus, you should not exclude even the slightest of pain or discomfort.


It’s better to err on the side of caution. Your medical reports could be assessed by the workers’ compensation attorney to determine the type of your injury, and thus it must give an overview of all the injuries.


2. Report the injury ASAP


Once you have taken the first medical help, you must inform your immediate supervisor or the manager in case they are not already aware of the accident. More importantly, you must report the accident in writing either via email or at the workplace register of accidents. You must do so despite your employer’s knowledge of the accident.


You should state all the details of the accident that you can recall. A detailed entry with time, location, and other aspects of the injury becomes your first formal initiation towards the work injury claim. In no situation, should you delay recording your injury as doing so will bring into serious doubt the authenticity of your claim in the eyes of the employer as well as the court.


3. Keep a tab on the claim timeline


In case you fail to report an injury right after the accident, you must make sure that you notify the relevant safety authorities and file a claim within the time period fixed by the law depending on your state.


For example, Pennsylvania and New Jersey workers’ compensation law both have a different requirement for the number of days you have to report the accident to your employer. Failing to file a claim within the stipulated time makes you ineligible to seek any compensation for the injury.


4. Keep a record


The evidence is the key to a strong claim. You must document every detail related to the accident. For example, you should try to recollect all the events that led to the accident— how and why the accident happened.


You should also keep a written record of the communication with the employer and medical practitioner, medical bills, and receipts of other miscellaneous expenses connected to the injury. You may need any or all of these to support your compensation claim.


5. Seek professional help


You must consult with a work injury lawyer or firm to evaluate your case and understand the grounds for filing a claim. The law firm or the lawyer can also help you to evaluate the financial offers made by your employer in case of an out of court settlement.


6.Know your rights


A safe workplace is the right of every employee, and an employer is liable to ensure the required safety at work. However, when things go wrong, it is the responsibility and obligation of the employer to compensate for the worker’s mental and physical loss. In case the employer fails to do so, the employee must file the claim against the employer to seek compensation for the damage caused due to work injury.


Get the Representation You Need Now


If you have been injured on the job and need representation for your workers’ compensation claim, give The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman a call today at 856-327-8899. We are here to help you 24/7!

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