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Safety Advice and Tips on How to Avoid and Survive an Auto Accident

2 cars after a rear end collision

Safety Advice and Tips on How to Avoid and Survive an Auto Accident

Think of Diana, the former Princess of Wales and Paul Walker, a prominent American actor. Well, apparently there seems to be nothing common between the two.  You are wrong. Both have had their spectacular lives cut short due to a tragic car accident.

Think for a moment; are you really doing your best to avoid being in such a mishap? Remember that confidence is going to help you, but overconfidence can be deadly. So, brush up your defensive driving skills and follow the regulations as well as the safety practices.

Driving to work every day is an activity that is commonplace. In fact, you do it routinely without sparing a thought. After all, you have been driving for years and can do it blindfolded. Unfortunately, accidents cannot be predicted. Even a seasoned driver with years of experience may be involved in a horrific car crash at any point in his/her life. It is necessary to remain cautious in order to avoid even the slightest possibility of an auto accident. Here are a few pointers for you to check before getting into your car and zooming off the next time.

Safe Driving Tips

Seat Belts – Every car whether new or old; expensive or affordable comes equipped with seat belts. Normally, you do not even think about buckling up and reach out for the belt automatically as soon as you get into your car.

Wear your seat belt the right way with the shoulder straps and the lap belt adjusted properly. Even if you’ve been doing it for years, make sure you ensure it is secure.The ‘National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)’ has revealed instances where accidents could have been avoided if the seat belt had been secured properly.

Headrest – Do check your car and observe if your headrest is in the right position. The right positioning is all-important here. Experts advise checking it before taking the car out.

While it might not seem to be too important, the right position is essential to restrict the movement of your head if your car is involved in an accident.

Extensive damage to various ligament and muscles of your neck and shoulders, commonly known as whiplash can be avoided, substantially with the correct positioning of your headrest. Also to avoid injuring your arms and hands place them at 9 to 3 positions of the clock. Position 10 to 2 is a strict no-no.

Bracing yourself for impact – It is traumatic to find yourself in an impending collision. Sure, the copybook speaks of relaxing your muscles.  Sadly, it is not possible when you see that you are going to be hit. However, it might help to place your head firmly on the headrest and prevent a whiplash injury.

Looking forward and tensing your body for the impact with your feet firmly on the brakes is yet another way to prevent being severely injured. However, it is best to consult with a health professional as well as a top personal injury attorney in the aftermath.

The services of a specialist doctor may be necessary when you have suffered a host of injuries after a car crash. How can auto accident lawyer help you though? Rest assured, the legal professional will be able to communicate with your insurance carrier and help you to retrieve the compensation due to you.

Don’t worry about having to pay steep fees for the legal expenses incurred either. Most of the lawyers will agree to work on a contingency basis if they feel that your case has merit. You can also rest easy and cope with your injuries and work on getting back to normal as your attorney takes over.

How can a legal professional help after an auto accident?

Legal Knowledge & Expertise– An attorney specializing in personal injury and vehicle accidents will have the necessary knowledge to deal with the insurance company as well as the offending party. The lawyer will inform you about the ‘statute of limitations’ thereby allowing you to pursue the case properly.

Most importantly, the lawyer will not only represent you in court but will also save you time that you would be spending on putting everything together, in case you go it alone. Negotiating with the concerned parties and settling the case in your favor will enable you to get the right compensation at the right time.

The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman can help you if you are involved in an auto accident. Contact us today at 215-569-4488 for a free case evaluation!


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