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What Are Common Brain Injuries Related to Medical Malpractice?

traumatic brain injuries

Common Brain Injuries Related to Medical Malpractice

You have heard of people suffering from brain injuries in accidents but did you know that hospitals and healthcare providers whom you trust implicitly can also cause traumatic brain injuries? It is shocking but true. The brain is the decision maker for all bodily functions. Any injury to the brain, however small or serious, can have irrevocable damages to a person, resulting in even death.


When a brain injury occurs due to medical malpractice, it is considered a crime. It could have been avoided and a precious life could have been saved if the doctors and nurses were more careful. If you suspect that any of your loved ones have suffered injuries to the brain due to medical negligence, you can seek legal action against the hospital and the staff.  Thus, it helps to understand how negligence on the part of healthcare providers can cause brain injuries and who you can approach for help.


Traumatic Brain Injuries and Medical Malpractice


As per a report by the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 30 percent of injury deaths are as a result of damages to the brain. Your doctor’s negligence is one of the causes of brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries or TBI can occur in adults as well as babies.


One of the main causes of such injuries is oxygen deprivation to the brain. It could be due to insufficient oxygen supply during a surgery as a result of which brain cells get damaged. Such an injury is known as Hypoxic Brain Injury. There are also cases in which a hospitals’ ventilator system malfunctions during or after surgery resulting in complete deprivation of oxygen to the brain.


Injury to the brain in case of a fall in a hospital due to lack of adequate precautions can also be listed under medical malpractice injuries. In adults, brain injuries as a result of medical negligence can be due to surgical or anesthesia errors, wrong use of medicine, overdose, infections and so on.


During delivery, there can be a number of reasons that can cause damage to the brain of the baby. It could be a delay in medical care, delay in performing the cesarean operation, wrong use of delivery instruments, negligence in monitoring fetal problems, and also delay in administering oxygen to the newborn child.


Legal Course in Case of Medical Negligence Brain Injuries


You may not even be aware that your loved one has suffered brain injuries. Certain symptoms, such as seizures, infections, nerve injuries, behavioral changes, lack of motor coordination and in extreme cases, coma or brain death occur due to brain cell damage. With brain injuries, there is only a small percentage of recovery. Grave injuries can leave the patient disabled for life.


As soon as you come to know that your doctor and hospital has caused heinous injuries to the brain of your dear one, then the first thing is to get medical attention. Second, contact an experienced and reputed medical malpractice lawyer. The earlier you get a lawyer, the better it would be because then it will be easier to collect evidence and documents to support your claim.


During such a tragic incident, it may not be possible to think straight but having a personal injury attorney by your side will mean that at least some of your problems are being taken care of. Also, there is a time limit for filing the claim in such a case.  So, it is better to act as quick as you can. The compensation amount will help the injured person to live with dignity and help take care of the medical as well as financial needs.


Most often, even if you complain, the hospitals will try to do everything to disprove your statement. That is why, with a lawyer, you do not have to deal with arrogant hospital staff at such a delicate time. Your lawyer will take care of everything. When represented in a professional manner, you can get your rightful compensation.


What happened cannot be reversed but what can be assured is that you at least do not have to worry about financial issues for taking care of your loved one. Also, it will serve as a deterrent, and we can hope that such incidents will not occur again.


The Law Offices of Craig Altman can help you with your personal injury or workers’ compensation case. Contact us today at 215-569-4488 for a free consultation or to learn how we can help you!

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