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Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums in NJ are Exorbitant

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums in NJ are Exorbitant



New Jersey employers pay more than the vast majority of other states in the country for Workers’ Comp insurance. Premiums here rank third (2.82 of payroll) lagging behind only California (3.48 percent of payroll) and Connecticut (2.87 percent of payroll).

Everything costs more in New Jersey! However, many believe the high costs of doing business in New Jersey, as it relates to Workers’ Comp coverage, is thanks to the growth here. High-risk construction jobs abound; that’s a good thing for NJ’s economy but a bad thing when it comes to risk factors associated with insurance premiums.

In New Jersey, as with every other state, employees injured on the job are not permitted to sue their employer. Instead, when they get hurt, they must file for Workers’ Compensation benefits to obtain medical treatment, replacement pay and possibly a cash award depending on the injuries sustained.

While employers are required by law to provide their workers with Workers’ Comp insurance benefits, they don’t always make the process easy. Sometimes, an employer or its insurance carrier will attempt to deny a claim for any number of reasons. Perhaps they don’t think the injury happened on the job or they believe the injury isn’t as bad as you claim it to be.

Regardless, New Jersey workers have rights. Speak to an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer who will fight the insurance companies and work hard to make sure you get the benefits you are entitled to receive. Call the Craig A. Altman Law Firm to speak with an attorney who will fights for your rights.

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