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Why Would Your Boss Deny Your NJ or PA Workers’ Comp Claim?

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Why Would Your Boss Deny Your NJ or PA Workers’ Comp Claim?



Employers deny and dispute workers’ compensation claims for one reason: money. Employers pay premiums to insurance companies in order to provide mandated Workers’ Comp benefits, including medical treatment, replacement pay and maybe a cash award. When an injured employee files to receive benefits, those premium amounts go up.

The premiums increase when more employees than expected file claims, or when a more seriously injured employee has a particularly expensive claim. Because of this, employers frequently use investigators to monitor employees who have filed claims; they are looking for a reason not to pay you.

Unfortunately, your employer will not always believe you. Employers often dispute claims by asserting that your injury is not serious or that it didn’t happen on the job. This happens regularly with cumulative trauma injuries, which happen over time. Common examples are carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive stress injuries,, lumbar back injuries, and inexplicable pain. Many medical conditions cannot be verified through a medical examination or through imaging. Does this mean your claim is invalid? Absolutely not, but your employer might like to think so.

If your claim, in whole or in part, is denied, you will receive notice in writing. If that happens, contact the employer’s insurance company. If that doesn’t solve the problem (and it usually doesn’t,) you need to hire a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer who will request a hearing with the state board on your behalf.

If you were injured while working hard for a company, that company owes you gratitude, respect and the compensation you deserve. Don’t settle for anything less!

If you have been injured on the job, contact the Law Firm of Craig A. Altman. Our attorneys have been helping people, like you, in South Jersey and Philadelphia, file for Workers’ Comp benefits and will do everything to make sure you get every penny you deserve.

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