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New Jersey Towns Considering Wage Theft Ordinances

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New Jersey Towns Considering Wage Theft Ordinances



Earlier this month, Princeton became the latest town to introduce an ordinance regarding wage theft laws. The ordinance requires landscapers and contractors who wish to do business in town to acknowledge that they understand federal and state wage theft laws.

Such theft, which primarily affects low income and immigrant workers, includes:

  • not paying sufficient overtime, paying less than an agreed-upon amount
  • mis-classifying employees
  • paying less than minimum wage or not paying workers at all

The ordinance also requires landscapers and contractors to acknowledge workers’ compensation laws established by the state.

According to officials from Princeton’s Health and Human Services Commission’s Immigration Subcommittee, wage theft largely goes unreported, because day laborers fear losing their jobs, and if they happen to be undocumented workers, they may fear their immigration status being reported.

New Brunswick was the first NJ municipality to pass a wage theft ordinance in 2013, and other towns are expected to begin considering similar ordinances.

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