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Tips for Kids to Follow This Summer to Avoid Injuries

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Tips for Kids to Follow This Summer to Avoid Injuries

The weather is warming up, school is ending and the rush to break outside, grill and jump into pools is almost in full swing. However, with the inevitable summer month playtime comes an increased opportunity for children to suffer personal injuries. The last thing any family wants is to see the summer fun end too soon — in tragedy.

Though there’s no way to completely eliminate the risk of personal injuries to your children, there are steps you can take and rules you can put in place to help prevent or at least reduce the risk.

1. Be smart around water: According to the Center for Disease Control, drowning is the number one cause of death among children ages one to four. Just because you don’t have a pool doesn’t mean your kid is safe either; it only takes an inch of water to drown and kids tend to be curious. Never leave your young children unattended near filled buckets of water, bathtubs, kiddie pools or any other body of water. Don’t assume your neighbor is taking the proper precautions regarding their backyard fun, either. If possible, adults and teens in the house should learn CPR. Also, utilize life jackets and other similar products where possible.

2. Beware the heat: It can become intolerably hot during the summer months, but your young kids probably don’t care. That’s where you come in. If possible, keep them indoors during the hottest parts of the day, or at least instruct them to take shaded breaks every hour. In addition, dressing them in light-colored clothing and ensuring they are extra hydrated will help reduce any chance of heat injuries or illnesses. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen.

3. Set rules for biking and other wheel activities: If you have a child who enjoys biking, rollerblading, skateboarding or any other activity that involves wheels, make sure a helmet is part of the plan. Make it clear: no helmet, no riding. Period. Also, they need to wear a properly fitted helmet, not just any helmet that happens to be in the garage. In addition, you should teach your children to ride in a single file, so as to not take up too much road space. Younger children should be instructed to stay on sidewalks and never ride without supervision. Whenever possible, make sure your children are only riding during the daytime to promote visibility.

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