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A Wisconsin Mom Finds Mold in Her Child’s Juice Box

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A Wisconsin Mom Finds Mold in Her Child’s Juice Box

When you think of finding mold on food products, you’re probably thinking of cheese, bread, milk, yogurt, or some sort of fresh food or produce. The last place you would think you might find mold is inside a child’s lunchbox packed today!

Wisconsin mother Suzanne Hogue was appalled to see what she found inside her son’s boxed juice, prompted to look only after her autistic son complained about his juice not tasting right. When she cut the juice box open she found a large amount of mold inside. She told that the brown, black and green mold filled half the juice box and it smelled.

This isn’t an isolated incident. Product packaging is often at fault when mold is found inside boxed items. Health experts say when food is exposed to air, through a crack or tiny hole in the packaging, mold can grow.

If you want to be certain your children are safe from what might be lurking inside their juice boxes, smell the beverage. You can even pour the drink into a cup to make sure what you are feeding your children is safe.

However, rest assured, a little bit of mold isn’t going to cause severe illness. If your child is exposed, watch them closely. You may also want to contact a product liability attorney who can help you preserve evidence in case a bigger problem arises.

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