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If you were injured on the job and have been unable to return to work, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries and for your lost time from work. Employers are required to provide medical services and benefits for any job-related injuries. When your employer fails to meet their responsibilities, you need to take immediate action. Additionally, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side because employers and insurance companies in Workers’ Compensation cases are almost always represented by attorneys.

The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman is a New Jersey law firm that is not afraid to take on the tough cases. We have helped clients file workers’ compensation claims throughout Camden County, including Cherry Hill, Gloucester Township, and Pennsauken. Additionally, our lawyers have battled countless employers and insurance companies in Workers’ Compensation Court, so we are familiar with the unique Workers’ Compensation rules in New Jersey. Call us today.

Workers’ Compensation Cases in Camden County

Workers’ compensation claims can be filed in a number of different scenarios. Some of the most common workers’ compensation cases involve:

Construction Accidents: Constructions sites are incredibly dangerous and pose severe health risks to workers.
Slip & Fall Accidents: If you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident at your workplace, you should not be responsible for your medical bills.
Falling Objects: Retail store workers who are hit by items falling from overhead shelves may be able to file workers’ compensation claims.
Chemical Exposure: If your job puts you in contact with environmental hazards, you might have a valid claim for workers’ compensation.
Car Accidents: If you were injured by another driver while performing a work-related task, you may have a valid workers’ compensation claim.
Commercial Truck Accidents: A commercial vehicle operator who is involved in a truck accident should be covered under workers’ compensation laws.
Motorcycle Accidents: If you were driving a motorcycle and were injured during the course of work, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim.
Assaults: Workers who are victimized by a co-worker or anyone else while at work can potentially file a claim for workers’ compensation.

Whether you suffered minor lacerations that will heal over time or permanent injuries, it is important for you to speak with an experienced attorney who understands Workers’ Compensation law in New Jersey

Workers’ Compensation Law in Camden County, NJ

Nearly every worker who performs any services for wages within the State of New Jersey is covered by Workers’ Compensation. This means that any worker who is injured on the job or who suffers an illness that can be traced back to their job is entitled to benefits.

The eligibility requirements for workers’ compensation are straightforward:

  • The injured worker must be an employee, not an independent contractor
  • The injured worker needs to have suffered an injury “arising out of employment.” This means that the injury was suffered while performing a job-related duty.

Keep in mind that New Jersey is a no-fault state. This means that injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation even if they were responsible for the accident that caused their injuries. Of course, no-fault coverage also protects employers because workers agree in advance to not sue the employer for negligence.

Winning Your Workers’ Compensation Claim in Camden County

You deserve maximum compensation for your injuries. An attorney can make sure that your employer does not accidentally miscalculate your wage benefits in a workers’ compensation claim. An attorney can also advise you about whether to sign any documents in your workers’ compensation case. Remember that your employer can potentially use these documents against you if the case proceeds to court.

Additionally, you should know that an injured worker in New Jersey has just 120 days to report the injury. If the injured worker misses this deadline, they might lose the ability to file a workers’ compensation claim. Moreover, the earlier you file a workers’ compensation claim, the quicker you can start receiving benefits and reimbursement for necessary medical treatment.

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