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Beyond Workers’ Comp in Construction Site Accidents: You May Have a Third Party Claim

When potholes are fixed, bridges are erected and new shopping centers are built, we all have New Jersey’s construction workers to thank for a job well done. However, as we are decorating our newly built homes, or traveling the freshly paved highways in the Garden State, few people realize how dangerous it is to be a construction worker.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2009 revealed that three times more construction workers in private industry died compared to all other workers in the entire country combined. The construction business is absolutely one of the most dangerous lines of work to be in.

Despite new protocols and guidelines to make construction sites safer, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ census of fatal occupational injuries reported in 2012 that workplace deaths were down by six percent in the U.S. At the same time, construction sites fatalities are up five percent.

Construction site injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, slips and falls that lead to significant back and neck issues, broken bones and serious internal injuries are reported by tens of thousands of construction laborers each year. The truth is, as the economy bounces back and more construction is slated to be completed, those statistics stand to increase even further.

Employers must do better. Of course, they have to maintain Workers’ Compensation benefits for all employees. However, those benefits only come into play after an accident has occurred. It’s incumbent upon employers to make construction work sites even. Check all safety equipment, regular survey sites to look for dangerous situations and make sure workers are trained, not only on how to operate machinery but on how to use safety equipment if necessary.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a worksite injury, you can’t sue your employer. That’s the law. You will get Workers’ Comp benefits including medical treatment and replacement pay. However, if there is another party that caused your accident, the manufacturer of faulty equipment, for example, you may have a third party claim. Speak to a product liability lawyer today to find out if you have a case.

Contact the experienced Workers’ Comp and product liability attorneys at the Altman Law Firm. We will listen to what happened and, if we represent you, there is no charge unless we recover compensation on your behalf. Call us today for a free consultation about your case.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums in NJ are Exorbitant

New Jersey employers pay more than the vast majority of other states in the country for Workers’ Comp insurance. Premiums here rank third (2.82 of payroll) lagging behind only California (3.48 percent of payroll) and Connecticut (2.87 percent of payroll). Everything costs more in New Jersey! However, many believe the high costs of doing businessContinue Reading

Do You Work on a Construction Site? A Little Common Sense Goes a Long Way

All construction workers should wear hats, protective clothing and goggles when they are in dangerous work zones. It’s the responsibility of the property owner or general contractor to make sure proper safety precautions are in place – including gear and equipment. Furthermore, the company in charge of the job should consistently check to make sureContinue Reading

I Was Hurt At Work. Can I Sue My Boss?

In almost all circumstances, the answer is “no.” If you’ve been injured at work, you have a right to file for Worker’s Compensation benefits which will provide you with medical treatment, replacement pay and, possibly, a cash award for your injuries. All employers are mandated by law to offer Workers’ Comp benefits, however, they cannotContinue Reading

Why Would Your Boss Deny Your NJ or PA Workers’ Comp Claim?

Employers deny and dispute workers’ compensation claims for one reason: money. Employers pay premiums to insurance companies in order to provide mandated Workers’ Comp benefits, including medical treatment, replacement pay and maybe a cash award. When an injured employee files to receive benefits, those premium amounts go up. The premiums increase when more employees thanContinue Reading

New Jersey Towns Considering Wage Theft Ordinances

Earlier this month, Princeton became the latest town to introduce an ordinance regarding wage theft laws. The ordinance requires landscapers and contractors who wish to do business in town to acknowledge that they understand federal and state wage theft laws. Such theft, which primarily affects low income and immigrant workers, includes: not paying sufficient overtime,Continue Reading

NJ Roofing Company Admits to Workers’ Comp Fraud

Charles Kelsey Pegler, Sr., former president of Roof Diagnostics, Inc., was indicted by a grand jury for third degree insurance fraud in December 2013. He pleaded guilty on April 17, 2014, and will be sentenced in June. Pegler admitted to falsifying information provided to his company’s workers’ compensation insurance provider in an effort to reduceContinue Reading

Workers Compensation Fraud a Growing National Trend

People who claim to be to injured or sick to work, might want to learn a lesson from Cathy Cashwell, and stay away from public situations. Cashwell was receiving $3,000 per month in workers’ compensation, because of an injury she allegedly received at work, according to a CBS News report. Cashwell claimed that she wasContinue Reading

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